Custom Painting by Sammy

Hello!  I'm Sammy and the custom painter at Pink Door.  

My painting studio is  known as "Shabby Sam's" because

I love taking old outdated furniture and giving it new life!  

At Pink Door, we offer custom furniture painting to transform your outdated furniture

into a beautiful shabby chic look.  We custom blend our own paint so you can choose from

hundreds of colors in our Sherwin Williams swatch book.


Want to save money and paint your existing furniture rather than buy new?

I can help you!

Since each project is unique, pricing is dependent on the item size & detailing.

Some questions we ask upfront are:


  • What paint colors would you like?  We have a huge selection of options!

  • Do you want it distressed, and if so, how much?

  • Would you like any trim colors or glazes to enhance the existing details?

  • Do you want the original hardware untouched or painted?

  • Do you want the drawers lined?


Sammy will consult with you at no cost about your overall design.

She can work with a photo via email, so include size dimensions for an accurate estimate. 

We have impressive before/after photo samples of our work.

Our goal is to give your furniture new life and transform it into

a timeless treasure... at an affordable cost.  Plan on $20-$25/hr for each piece.

Request An Estimate: